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Thanks to my growing European and Dutch customers, I am very proud to open my new retail Samurai Sword shop. You are very welcome to come and visit me in my new Katana-Samurai-Sword Store. We now offer products from Cas Hanwei (Iberia), Dynasty Forge, Fuji Forge, Thaistuki Nihonto,  Kaneie Sword Art and many more. We will offfer the best prices in Europe than on other Websites offering the same Swords. But maybe even more important than low prices is the service I now can offer you with my new Samurai Sword Shop. Nowadays you can also find here imported Katana’s, Wakizashi’s, Japanese Cleaning Kits and many more. For sure we now offer all the items suppliers can deliver. You can take a look already in my Webshop: www.katana-samurai-sword.com

Anyway,  I hope I maybe some day can welcome you!

Jordy Klaver

Katana Samurai Sword Company Entrance








Katana Samurai Sword, Office 1







 Katana Samurai Sword, Office 2

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