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Kaneie Sword Art

Because we have been operating for over 15 years, and a lot of martial artists and collectors know how to find us, we decided to bring the Kaneie Sword Art brand into a new level of customer service. We will have an in-stock policy, with continuous supply. We are not an invented social media marketing company but have a no-nonsense direct approach.  It is hard to believe nowadays but most customers take the telephone or just stopping by  for a cup of coffee and want to check out some new katana’s.  The Kaneie Swords are really coming close to a japanese sword and are in all aspects finished with high quality.  It is nice to have a look in their “kitchen” and see the experienced  smith, so you can see who actually forged your Kaneie katana. I hope you enjoy their openness. This is an official video.

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