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Bamboo Mat Katana Review – SH2438- Hanwei Forge

So, I start to take a closer look at this new sword from the Hanwei Forge. I must say I am really excitant about this new katana. The looks a really great and the O-choji hamon is really attractive in my opinion.

 At first this samurai sword is coming in a well packed wooden box, so not the the cardboard boxes which hanwei normally is using.

DSCN8604 (Small)

The specs for the Bamboo Mat katana from the piece I have checked.

Blade / Nagasa 72,74 cm
Handle / Tsuka  27,94 cm
Motohaba 3,3 cm
Sakihaba 2,55 cm
Motokasane 7.5 mm
Sakikasane 6 mm
Weight 2lbs 11.8 oz
POB 15,2 cm from the tsuba
Steel HWS-2S differentially hardened

Bamboo Mat Katana, Hanwei, SH2438,001 (Small)

The blade is the first thing I will look over. It has a geometric chu-kissaki which is always something I can appreciate. The O-choji hamon is really looking good and gives this blade an extra sentimental value. The shinogi Ji is mirror polished and gives a nice contrast. The shape is Shinogi-Zukuri with a strong sori and this creates a nice curve.

Bamboo Mat Katana, Hanwei, SH2438,011 (Small)

 The rayskin same covering the tsuka is really good quality from what I have seen and felt. You can see some nice big nodules on it. The Tsuka Ito is wrapped very tight with black cotton.

Bamboo Mat Katana, Hanwei, SH2438,004 (Small)
The menuki are made in golden sparrow theme. The Tsuba, Fuchi and Kashira are made of blackened iron. The Tsuba shows a woven bamboo mat and has some golden details. The Fuchi and Kashira matches the bamboo mat Tsuba theme.

Bamboo Mat Katana, Hanwei, SH2438,002 (Small)

Bamboo Mat Katana, Hanwei, SH2438,003 (Small)


The Saya is black with a nice black Sageo and is fitted with a buffalo horn Kuragata and  Koiguchi. The Katana I have checked had no rattle and the Habaki fits the Saya very well.

Bamboo Mat Katana, Hanwei, SH2438,009 (Small)


Like most Hanwei Swords this piece is well constructed and the parts are put well together. The katana feels very balanced and light for a full blade (no-Hi). The Tsuka feels real comfortable in my hand and looks very well. I have cut some tatami and they cuts were very clean. The fittings with gold is something you can like/dislike. But this most exciting is the awesome choji hamon, I really like this one. Also the geometric kissaki is very well made. I personally can recommend this beautifull piece to everyone who is looking for a katana who want to buy something beyond the enty-level katana’s.

Bamboo Mat Katana, Hanwei, SH2438,012 (Small)

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