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Practical Special Katana Review (SH2376) – Cas Hanwei

Practical Speical Katana, SH2376 5







So in the practical Series you can find a new Practical Special Katana, this should answer some demands customers have nowadays.

  First let we see the general specifications and dimensions:

  • High carbon forged blade
  • Carbon %: 0.62-0.7
  • Blade Steel Designation: 65 MN
  • US Equivalent: 1566
  • Quencing: Water
  • Blade Edge: 58-62 HRC
  • Blade Back: 38 – 42 HRC
  • Differential Hardening
  • Overall Length: 39″, 99,06 cm
  • Blade Length ex. hababi: 69,5 cm
  • Blade Length incl. hababi: 72,0 cm
  • Totally disassemble
  • Tsuka: 28,0 cm
  • Motohaba: 3,0 cm
  • Sakihaba: 2,1 cm
  • Weight: 2lb 2oz, 956 gram


 This katana is made of hand forged High-Carbon steel and is differentially hardened using the traditional claying method. Of course this katana undergoes the acid bath treatment to make the hamon more visible which is a prominent aspect of the Hanwei katana’s. The Habaki perfectly fits the blade and doesn’t show any gap. The Blade does not have a Bo-Hi so this makes the blade very solid and gives less resistance while cutting a target. This Katana has a Shinogi-ji is mirror polishing and the Ji is rough polished, I personally like this contrast. The Kissaki is cosmetic but very proper made.

 The fittings (Kashira and Fuchi) are made of blackened iron and simple but very solid and they look okay.

Practical Speical Katana, SH2376 3







The Ito (handle wrap) is made from suede and feels very tight and pleasant. The Practical Special Katana I checked had some little uneven diamonds in the Ito and  in my opinion this can be more precise. Unfortunately the Same underneath the Ito is also fake (synthetic same), this really isn’t very authentic. The Menuki is brass and shows the cherry blossom, a well-known theme.

They Tsuba is nice, a beautiful Musashi (Double Ring) which is very suitable for loosing weight. Also made from blackened iron and proper finished, it can do his job for sure.

Practical Speical Katana, SH2376 2









  The saya is black glossy and has a buffalo horn scabbard mouth (Koiguchi). The Habaki fits perfectly in the saya and doesn’t make an rattle inside.

So now we will see the differences between the Practical Special katana (SH2376) and the “common” Practical katana (SH1070) from Hanwei.

The two share the same thickness but the blade is 1,5 narrower at the habaki (Moto-Haba). This practical Special katana feels very light, it really is extraordinary. This Katana is really  quick and manoeuvrable. I used some light targets and this katana stand this test without any problems. This katana is really designed for light targets with multiple cuts.

You can disassemble the practical special katana and this is a big benefit. The Nakago (tang) is mounted with Mekugi (Bamboo Pegs) so not glued like the practical katana. So now you can check very well your blade and replace the Tsuba very easily.

 The hamon is not straight but wavy, this makes an entire new blade and gives a new sight.

Practical Speical Katana, SH2376 6







The Menuki is brass instead of plastic and this is more authentic.


This katana certainly is more authentic and feels very well while using. The antiqued iron  fittings are also very nice.  It is a big improvement they now have a disassemble katana in this price range. Unfortunately it is a pity they used fake Same for this practical special katana. It is an excellent light katana for a reasonable price. You can check them out in my webshop: www.katana-samurai-sword.com.

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